paranoodle draws things

commissions: closed for the time beingtrades: mutuals preferred, try mecollabs: mutuals only
feel free to contact me about anything o/

(last updated 03.10.2019)
(as in october)


my name is aurel but using noodle is also fine26 years oldthey/them please thank youim autistic and adhd among like 14 other thingsFR/EN - OK ! 日本語 - 初心者i live in switzerland (francophone part i do not speak german)

i studied software engineering to make games somedaysome days i do make the games and some days i draw

original stuff

elf game (real name pending) is a village-sim-style game i'm working on with a focus on dialogue and rp elements
and that's full of autistic nb elves

valediction is an urban fantasy webcomic i worked on but
haven't posted in forever because i panic a lot
(i'll try to get back to it someday)

also, you can see all my ocs here now!

less original stuff

elves and catboys are my brandtales games (mostly symphonia and zesti/bersi)star ocean games (3 and 4), especially nel/clair and albelfire emblem a tiny bit (it's complicated)

currently playing/watching

star ocean 3 (for the 6th time).hack//GUfinal fantasy XIItales of vesperiamonster hunter stories (again)


i'm most active on twitter but i check the following at least daily:
@paranoodles is my main/art twitter@divinebenis is my public/retweet/shitpost twitter to avoid cluttering my is my work e-mail if you'd rather contact me directlyelf game, a game i make about elves now on
i post content to the following whenever relevant,
but do not check daily:
paranoodle on patreon, if you want to come support my game-making endeavours!@paranoodle is my main/art tumblr for portfolio use, no dash@paranoodle on curiouscat, come ask questions!pawrel on furaffinity, furry and furry-adjacent content only, includes 18+ content but tagged as suchparanoodle on, for oc profiles including for projectsparanoodle on grouvee, if you ever want to see my rant-reviews on video gamesvalediction, my webcomic, which is currently on hiatus for mental health reasons paranoodle on youtube, infrequently updated but mostly art timelapses, let's plays, old ffxiv raiding highlights, and the occasional gamedev previewparanoodle on redbubble, please check out my merch if you like my art o/paranoodle on ko-fi, everything i do outside commissions is free so if you wanna throw a coffee my way i'm always very grateful